Bosch Home and Garden Grasschere Set, 3,6 W, 3,6 V, schwarz, grün


Bosch Home and Garden Grasschere Set, 3,6 W, 3,6 V, schwarz, grün

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Isio Grass and Shrub Shears
The Isio by Bosch is a lightweight and compact battery-powered grass and shrub shears with which you can easily cut small shrubs, hedges and lawn edges. There is also a range of attachments for the multifunctional engine unit, e.g. B. The sprayer and the spreader. Thanks to the multi-click system, you can change the attachments in no time at all. The powerful 3.6V lithium-ion battery allows for up to 50 minutes of operation. The ergonomic design and weight of only 550 g make the Isio even more versatile and comfortable.

Powerful and compact
The Isio grass and shrub scissors are powerful and at the same time extremely compact. Even the thickest grass is no longer a problem with the grass shears.

Comfortable and Ergonomic
The Isio battery-powered grass and shrub scissors feature an ergonomic design and a double-sided, soft grip handle for maximum comfort.

Easy to change attachments
The innovative multi-click system makes it easy to change attachments. Switch between grass scissors and shrub scissors in no time at all without tools.

Anti-locking system
Thanks to the anti-blocking system that prevents the product from being exposed, you can work without interruption. The shrub cutter attachment has a blade length of 120 mm with a 8 mm blade spacing, while the grass knife is 80 mm wide.

Long life thanks to lithium-ion battery
The powerful 3.6 V lithium-ion battery allows the grass and shrub shears to operate for up to 50 minutes. On an LED display, you can read the charge status of the battery during work.

Versatile accessory
Do various tasks with just one tool thanks to the separately available accessories. With the spray nozzle, you can apply liquid solutions, such as B. Water soluble plant protection agent. A sprinkler evenly distributes grass seeds and fertiliser on your lawn. The telescopic handle makes you work even more comfortable.

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